Easily recruit target audiences for user testing and market research

We’ve put flexibility and control at the heart of our platform. Get set up, integrate your tools, target the right participants, and launch surveys, tasks, or experiments seamlessly in minutes.

Simple set-up.
Flexible tools.
Faster results.

We keep things simple so you can focus on the analysis. No need to learn new tools, just connect the ones you’re used to - from Survey Typeform to Tobii. Then start recruitment in as little as 15 minutes and get complete datasets in less than 2 hours. 

Gather high-quality responses from engaged participants

Our large pool of vetted and verified participants are fairly paid and highly engaged. This means they are responsive and reliable, offer thoughtful free text responses, and have low attrition rates on repeat or longitudinal studies.

200k active, engaged participants
Vetted with 35+ algorithmic and manual checks
50%+ response rates

Filter and find the right samples

Filter research participants using our 300+ filters that cover everything 
from internet usage to preferred trading platforms, shopping habits to smartwatch ownership. If you need a niche audience that’s not included, set up a simple screener survey to find custom samples. 

Diverse pool – with representative samples
300+ filters to find niche samples
Easily pre-screen to create custom samples

Our participants cover 38+ countries and speak 80+ languages

Alongside our core audience of native English speakers with strong English comprehension skills, we have participants from 38+ different countries speaking over 80 languages.

Move effortlessly from quant to qual.

Once participants have responded, you can message and re-target them again with a follow-up survey or interview – and incentivize responses using our bonus pay feature. Flexible project design and tooling options, including video and audio, allow for in-depth interviews or focus groups.

Get support as soon you need it

We can offer support on everything – from advice on how to create screener surveys or set incentive levels, to step-by-step help in our Help Centre or dedicated study set up from our research consultancy. Got a problem? Contact our friendly and expert support team. 

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Getting started is simple. With no contract or subscription – just a transparent service fee for each completed response.