Streamline participant recruitment across your whole team or organization

Take your research practice from good to great. Put high-quality human-generated data within reach of your whole team or organization. With our simple-to-use platform that lets everyone work their way – together.
High-quality data

Drive data consistency and quality across teams

As bots and AI become prevalent, quality drops in online pools, and laws around AI data sources begin to tighten, the diversity, quality, and safety of data is critical to your organization's success. Our proprietary pool of participants and taskers is carefully verified, extensively vetted, and diverse – and delivers the highest-quality data of all our leading competitors.

Our participant pool

Set rules with filter sets

Create and save specific sets of participant filters that reflect the needs of your organisation or project. Then easily apply them again and again to new studies.
Custom groups at scale

Find the right participants for every team and project

Don't limit yourself with small, slow-to-recruit panels with no diversity, or lengthy participant searches. With 200k+ active users and 300+ audience filters Prolific offers a scalable resource for both niche qualitative studies and large tasks performed by diverse or representative groups.

How Prolific works for teams

Everyone’s different. So whatever tools people or teams prefer to use, we let them use them.

With simple integrations of any survey, annotation or custom-built  tool - through a simple link.

Alternatively you can do a full integration with your system-based tools via API.
Flexible tooling

Let everyone use their favorite tools

Create multiple Workspaces for different projects or teams and organize studies into projects.

You can add unlimited users and external collaborators, and everyone who’s invited can add money, or draft and run studies using shared funds.
Flexible tooling

Organize projects and studies with workspaces

Assign administrators who can take control of projects and invite and remove teammates so the right people are included in projects.
Flexible administration

Control access and create administrators

Get rid of those time-consuming conversations with your finance teams by giving them direct access to the workspace. Plus, with funds attached to workspaces, there’s only one central account to top-up instead of several individual accounts.
Clear financial management

Set budgets centrally and make finances visible

Trusted for 10 years by leading academics, researchers and organizations

The platform is easy to use, and workspaces allow you to keep track of separate accounts/budgets/projects very easily. There are many available participants, so you can collect data quickly.

Participant Review on G2

Automate and connect everything with APIs

When your teams need to deliver data fast and at scale, integrate with our API and automate every part of your study and data collection – from programmatically accepting and rejecting submissions, to getting automated, event-driven updates with webhooks.
Our APIs
Scale & Quality

Amplify the quality and impact of your research at scale

It’s simple (and free) to get started.

Getting started is simple. With no contract or subscription – just a transparent service fee for each completed response.