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You can use Prolific with almost any tool! Just integrate your favorite – or custom-built – apps and tools with a simple link or via our API.

There are two ways to integrate with us

It’s simple to use your usual tools. Just follow our instructions and redirect participants automatically with a simple link. Add any tool – including your own custom tools – not just those in our integrations list. 

No-code integrations with a simple link

Integrations guide
Take complete control and fully integrate
custom-built or other apps such as annotation tools via the API to automate tasks and data-gathering from within your own systems.

System-level API-level integrations of apps and tools

Prolific API
Featured integrations

Our newest and most popular tools

Product research workflow
Maze began with the belief that product design teams should have easy access to data during the design phase. By integrating Maze with Prolific, you can target specific audiences easily without the need for custom screening.
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No-code surveys
Gorilla is the all-in-one platform for Surveys, Reaction Time Tasks, Games, Shops and Multiplayer studies. Gorilla and Prolific serve the academic research industry and change the world with high-quality data.
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