Connecting Two Platforms

Partner with Prolific

Build research participants into your product.

Dallinger logo, Prolific's partner in research.
Help researchers instantly find high quality participants

Dallinger automates the full research process for social science experiments.

They’ve integrated with our API so their users can set up automated large experiments in a fast and scalable way.

For Dallinger’s customers, they create and use their own Prolific account, but find it delightfully accessible.

Useberry logo
Provide a complete research process inside your app

Useberry offers a no-code way to test prototypes and concepts with users.

They chose to fully embed Prolific inside their product, so research could be completed in one convenient flow.

For Useberry’s customers, it feels like Prolific is part of the same product. They interact with it through Useberry’s Prolific account.

Offer more to your customers and grow

Free audience selection

250+ free audience filters, including representative samples

Highest data quality

The highest data quality available online

Easy & fast results

Average study completed in 2 hours

Control the process

Manage participant payments and messages

Your pick of participants

120,000+ participants from 38 OECD countries

Research advice from experts

Provide research advice and mediation with our Support team

Partnership requirements

We always put the quality of the research first and look to protect our participants.

As we look for partners who match our values, we will not currently partner with companies that...

❌ Collect PII information, including emails or login details

❌ Partner with many competitive panels or panel aggregators

❌ Underpay participants

❌ Collect and save participant data to resell

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