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Conduct studies you can be sure of – using custom samples from our pool of 120,000+ active, vetted and engaged participants.
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3 mins
A study is launched every 3 mins
Active, vetted participants
Researchers use Prolific
Participants from 38 countries
2 hours
To complete average data set

Get the highest standards from our first-rate participant pool

We vet, then constantly monitor and improve our pool based on trust scores from researchers. So you get accurately completed studies, surveys and automated checks – by trusted, well-treated and properly-paid participants.
Fair treatment = accurate data
We make sure participants are paid ethically with a set minimum reward, so they’re properly recognised for their time and motivated to answer quickly and accurately.
Rich and reliable responses
Expect exceptionally detailed, accurate and honest free-text responses from our engaged audiences.
Get support as soon as you need it
Answer questions quickly with our dedicated help centre and friendly and expert support team.

Get started fast 
and stay in control

Get set up in just 15 minutes and launch a study. Answers are completed in 2 hours on average – so you can quickly move on to analysis!
Get organised with workspaces and projects
Create multiple workspaces for different teams. Organise into projects to sort studies by topic, theme or thesis.
Save time by sharing with colleagues
Add people to your workspaces – whether that’s colleagues or finance teams to get visibility on funding. Budget centrally, then everyone can run studies using the shared funds.
Don’t learn new tools.
Use the ones you know
Use the survey tools you’re familiar with to create studies – just add a link or integrate via our API.

Works seamlessly with all your usual tools

Easily target specific samples – for free

Easily create targeted samples using our 300+ filters to create custom groups from our large, diverse pool. You can also target representative audiences for a small additional fee.
Follow up with participants and refine studies
It’s easy to find, message and follow-up with  (anonymised) participants to support  longitudinal or other multi-part studies.
Do complex studies using different kinds of media
Our flexible approach to integrations means you can easily add other media such as video or audio, or do group or simultaneous tasks – to make qualitative and experimental studies easier.

Start now and see results in hours

No set-up cost or subscription. Just pay a fee per response at a reduced price for non-profit and academic institutions.
Academic Research
We’ve helped world-leading academic researchers and institutions to...
...Run a complex study to change opinions about the climate crisis
…Help researchers analyse social media content moderation
TUM & Univesity of Oxford
…Explore how humans react to and detect deep fakes
…Run multiple psychological experiments by combining  Prolific and Gorilla. 

Get support at every step

Spend less time getting set up, or helping teach your students the right research approach. We offer a wealth of resources from how to write comprehension checks, through to research consultants you can hire to support your project.

Get better responses with our attention and comprehension training

We’ll help you write effective attention and comprehension checks to make sure respondents check their answers and you don’t waste money on poor responses.
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Find the answer at our online help centre

Need help? Just visit our Researcher Help Centre and type your question – or explore by subject, read articles or watch helpful explanatory videos.
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We’re here to support you. Ask our support team anything you need to be successful with your studies.
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Service fee

Participants should keep 100% of their rewards, so we charge our platform fee on top. This fee is reduced for non-profit and academic institutions.

Audience filters

Our 250+ pre-set filters are free to use. Choose a representative sample for an additional cost.

Participant rewards

Everyone’s time is valuable, so the minimum reward allowed is £6.00/$8.00 per hour.

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It’s fast and free to set up an account. Explore our participants and view our transparent, response-based costs before committing to anything.

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