Get complete data quality control with Protocol

Our dynamic data-quality tool protects your reputation and research quality by rigorously and continuously monitoring our online participant pool.

Trusted by leading institutions
Removes bots and bad actors
Maintains consistent response quality
Detects the use of AI chatbots
What is Protocol?

Proprietary data protection in a powerful automated tool

Protocol is a suite of 40+ rules across 7 modules, each of which protects a different area of data quality. Together they identify and eliminate any risk within our online participant pool.

Qualitative ability

Run pre-study tests for attentiveness, effort, and comprehension. We'll assess the results and provide a participant risk level.

Identity checks

Verifies that participants are real, unique people with comprehensive ID checks.

AI misuse

Detect any unusual behaviour and AI-like responses. This module works for any large language models, including ChatGPT, Claude and Gemini.

Locations verified

Ensures participants are where they say they are. Test that their physical and digital locations match and block participants from countries you don’t need.

Staying ahead of suspect practices

We adapt Protocol to new user behaviors, refining the checks and balances to stay ahead of untrustworthy tactics.

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Creating a safe environment for all

Using clear-cut rules and outcomes, Protocol creates a transparent ecosystem for both researchers and participants – where trust is a fundamental pillar.

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Get complete data quality control with Protocol

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