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From lightweight automations to full system-to-system integrations, our open API lets you scale your studies and apply your own business rules to automate data collection and repetitive tasks like approving submissions.
Collaborate with others, manage and program projects and participant lists.
Automate repetitive tasks and enable event-driven communications and actions.
Enable full system-to-system integration with your tech stack, your way.

Start with Study API

Create, update, and push studies live

Study API is your starting point for integrations. Scale and spin out multiple studies at once. Automate every part of your study and data collection. Or enable a system-to-system integration of Prolific into your existing tech stack.

Be first to experience all our latest capabilities

We build API-first, so our API customers are always the first to experience, and benefit from, new features and capabilities.

When you, or your business, have specific criteria for submissions, use this API to enforce those and remove unsuitable submissions without any human intervention.

Approve and reject submissions programmatically

Use the Bonus API when participants or taskers have gone above and beyond. Or when you need to incentivize preferred respondents to take part in longer-running studies.

Pay bonuses and reward automatically based on
key criteria

As simple as it sounds – Messages allows you to communicate with participants from within your own ecosystem.

Send and receive messages to participants

Create multiple workspaces for different projects or teams, organize studies into projects, and add multiple users or collaborators.

Organize, collaborate and scale your team

Run basic surveys of up to 5 questions with data collection via our API. Useful for quick pre-screening or identifying custom audiences.

Create quick pre-screening studies

Create and manage (anonymized) lists of participants or taskers. No need to find them manually - just save groups and re-use.
Participant Groups

Create custom lists of participants for studies

Get secure, self-serve access with unlimited API tokens

Once you're signed up simply head to settings in product and create as many API tokens as you like to access our API.

Get event-driven architecture with webhooks

Create a lightweight event-driven architecture that lets your systems react to real-time events using Webhooks. Get your apps connected and communicating automatically - without having to continuously poll data or do periodic checks.
Create scalable and resilient systems
Create loosely coupled, modular systems that respond to specific events, promoting a more scalable and resilient architecture.
Get real-time notifications
Receive instant notifications about events so your integrations can react and synchronize in real-time.
Reduce resource usage
With apps only being notified when relevant events happen, you reduce unnecessary network traffic, server load, and resource consumption – driving efficiency and scalability.
Case Studies

See how our customers scaled their studies with our API

Light API Integrations
Light API integrations
Duke Moral Lab use API interactions to manage studies, workflows, and participants programmatically. Instead of setting up multi-part studies and re-inviting participants manually, they now programmatically set up follow-up studies and pay bonuses for qualified participants based on study outcomes. It saves them 2 hours on each pilot study, unlocking their ability to scale.
API Integration
System-to-system B2B PARTNER
Dallinger has integrated with Prolific to automate access between the two tools, so researchers using Dallinger can run experiments end-to-end. Individual researchers still create their own account with Prolific, but can streamline, automate, and scale their experiments through Dallinger without having to set up participant recruitment manually.
Product-led API Integration
Full product integration B2B2C
By enabling a full API integration, Useberry gives direct access to Prolific’s participant pool and high-quality data via their product – without users needing a separate Prolific account. This full product integration has been developed in partnership with Prolific to deliver a seamless experience to researchers who use this popular and powerful tool.

Enhance your product by integrating Prolific

Put our unrivaled participant pool at the heart of your product. Fully integrate Prolific into your tech stack via our API to give your customers seamless access to our platform and product. 

Stability you can count on

We use the same API ourselves. That means if there’s a problem with the API, our platform will experience it too, so our top priority will be to fix it.

Throughput optimization

Control the flow of submissions to your study via throughput optimization. 


If you can control the uniqueness of your tasks, then set up multi-submissions to allow a participant to take your study over and over. Thresholds configurable.

API testing

We offer a manual API testing environment for our customers.

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