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Good business decisions rely on accurate and reliable research responses. So conduct studies you can be sure of – using targeted samples from our vetted pool of 200k+ active, diverse, and engaged participants.
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Start fast. And stay in control.

With Prolific you can be set up in 15 minutes and collect a complete dataset within 2 hours. Find your own audiences, use your own tools, and enjoy flexible study design – from large representative surveys to niche longitudinal experiments using video or audio.

Don’t learn new tools.  Use the ones you know.

Prolific works seamlessly with all your usual tools – just add a link or integrate via our API.

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Find demographically diverse or niche audiences.

Audience segmentation is easy using our 300+ filters. Create custom groups of any size from our large, diverse pool across 38+ countries. Create representative samples from the US or UK. Or run a survey to recruit exactly the audience you need. 

200k active, engaged participants
Diverse, bot- and bias-free pools
Representative samples

Gather rich reliable responses.

We vet then constantly monitor and improve our pool based on trust scores 
from researchers. So you can expect exceptionally detailed, accurate, and honest responses – from engaged, responsive, and fairly paid participants.

Discover why our participant pool delivers more reliable and robust data.

Easily re-contact and retain participants

Once you’ve found high-performing research participants, keep working with them. Our Participant group feature lets you group (anonymized) participants and automatically invite eligible ones to the next stage of your study – with no waiting time between studies. This keeps participant retention strong and minimises attrition.


Streamline projects and collaborate easily across teams

Create multiple workspaces for different projects or teams and organize into projects to sort studies by topic, theme, or thesis.

Get organized with workspaces and projects

How it works
Add people to your workspaces – whether that’s colleagues or finance teams to get visibility on funding. Budget centrally, then everyone can run studies using the shared funds.

Save time by sharing with colleagues

Team solutions
Integrate with our API and automate every part of your data collection – from programmatically accepting and rejecting submissions, to getting automated event-driven updates.

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Getting started is simple. With no contract or subscription – just a transparent service fee for each completed response.