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Prolific helps align AI behavior with human values and preferences, enhancing safety and usability.

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Optimize your models with human feedback

Maximize your research impact with Prolific: high-quality participants, reliable data, unmatched insights

LLM development

Improve your Large Language Models

Produce more accurate and contextually appropriate responses with high-quality human feedback from Prolific's vetted and scalable pool of participants.


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Human values

Align with human values

Ensure your AI systems adhere to ethical guidelines and human values by integrating human judgment into your decision-making processes.

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Data that reflects the breadth of humanity

Elevate your research projects with access to high-quality, diverse, and ethically sourced human data.  Ensure your AI models are trained with accuracy and representative insights.

Prolific Open API

Our open API lets you scale your studies and apply your own business rules to automate data collection and repetitive tasks like approving submissions.

Vetted participants

If you want great data you need the best people. Our proprietary pool of participants are proven to deliver the highest-quality data.

Partners & integrations

You can use Prolific with almost any tool! Just integrate your favorite or custom-built apps and tools with a simple link or via our API.

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Studies citing Prolific

The world's leading AI researchers have leveraged Prolific in ground breaking studies.

Improving model robustness with natural language corrections.
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Ensuring trustworthy AI analysis
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Improving context-sensitive valuation in decision-making
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