Product Updates

What’s New: Publish complex studies with ease, get free representative samples, and more

Samara Zauhy
|June 27, 2024

Welcome to our latest Prolific update, packed with powerful new tools and improvements. From simplifying the setup of complex studies to free representative samples, we've made it easier than ever for you to conduct your best research.

Simplify behavioral experiments and complex surveys with Taskflow

You can now distribute different conditions in a single study with Taskflow. Our latest update lets you publish more complex and tailored study designs, whilst ensuring you get balanced data across the conditions you need.

  • Multi-condition allocation: Easily distribute different experimental conditions or survey links using multiple URLs within a single study. Perfect for complex study designs.
  • Real-time condition management: Automatically allocate and reallocate participants to various conditions or surveys. You’ll always get the number of responses you need for each condition, even if participants drop out or return.
  • Customizable and flexible: Tailor your study with custom URL parameters that direct participants to specific conditions or surveys.
  • Enhanced data accuracy: Ensure balanced and complete data collection across all conditions for high-quality, actionable insights.

You can find more about how to set up your multi-condition study with Taskflow here.

Learn how Taskflow can help you annotate your data faster

Taskflow makes managing large dataset annotation faster and easier for AI researchers and developers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover:

✅ How Taskflow accelerates your AI research.

✅ How to collect a complete dataset in Taskflow .

✅ How it works, with a technical deep dive into the design.

[Watch on-demand]

Use representative samples for FREE

Whether you’re doing pre-election polling, academic research, or training your AI model, you can use Prolific’s representative samples, free of charge until the end of August.

Prolific offers a wide variety of representative samples, including:

  • US census-based
  • US political affiliation representative samples - including ethnicity
  • UK census-based
  • UK political affiliation

The discount will be automatically applied in your account when you select representative samples. To get started with your next representative sample study now, click here.

API perks: Complete studies on behalf of participants

Thanks to our flexible API functionality, you can now mark studies as completed on behalf of participants. So, you don't have to add completion codes for studies.

This makes completing studies a smoother experience for participants, and data collection easier for you.

Setting up studies is now smoother and simpler

If you’ve published a study recently, you might have noticed some small improvements to our studies page. It’s now easier to navigate, and has a more intuitive design — with even more improvements to come!