Product Updates

What’s New: Faster data annotation, free representative samples, building the perfect participant pool, and more

Samara Zauhy
|June 13, 2024

In the fast-paced world of AI research, staying ahead of the curve is essential. That's why we're excited to share the latest product updates from Prolific. From faster data annotation to building the perfect participant pool, our newest features are all about empowering you to get the highest quality data in the shortest amount of time for quick and groundbreaking innovation.

Let’s dive in to our new updates!

Introducing Taskflow: Faster, easier data annotation with Prolific

At Prolific, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of research and AI development.  The latest update to our platform—Taskflow—makes it faster and easier to annotate large datasets for your AI projects.

What is Taskflow?

Taskflow breaks down large datasets into smaller, manageable tasks for multiple participants to annotate at the same time.

Key features:

  • Batch processing: Break down vast datasets into smaller units, making them easier to annotate.
  • Customizable task distribution: Create unique URLs for each dataset segment and specify the exact number of annotators for each task.
  • Automatic reallocation: If a participant doesn’t complete a task, Taskflow automatically reallocates it to someone else, meaning you always get the necessary number of responses for each task.

5 reasons to use Taskflow for your data annotation projects

  1. Speed: With multiple participants working on smaller units at once, you can annotate data much faster.
  2. Mitigate bias: Taskflow distributes tasks among annotators from diverse backgrounds. This ensures a richer, more balanced dataset.
  3. Flexibility: Taskflow gives you complete control. With configurable URLs, you can tailor allocations to fit your study's precise demands.
  4. Optimize costs: By splitting large datasets into smaller tasks, you can estimate costs more accurately and manage budgets more effectively.
  5. Enhance AI performance: With even task distribution, you can gather diverse, representative annotations that will improve real-world decision-making for your AI models.

Build the next generation of AI, faster

With Taskflow, we invite you to experience a new level of efficiency and control in your work. Whether you’re conducting complex behavioral studies, developing cutting-edge AI, or seeking insights through data analysis, Prolific offers the tools and support you need to succeed.

Make your data annotation faster and easier with Taskflow. Learn more here

Representative samples are now free!

Starting this week, all representative samples are free to all users. We’re excited to be offering this for a limited time in the lead-up to the elections in the USA and the UK. Prolific offers a wide variety of representative samples, including:

  • USA census-based
  • USA political affiliation
  • USA political affiliation and ethnicity
  • UK census-based
  • UK political affiliation

The discount will be automatically applied in your account when you select representative samples. To get started with your next representative sample study now, click here.

Build your ideal participant pool with BYOP

Since we launched Bring Your Own Participants just a few weeks ago, hundreds of our researchers have been leveraging it to run in-person studies, recruit more international participants, and much more. Now, it's your turn to benefit!

  • Unified research: Seamlessly combine your own participants, product users, or trusted experts with our diverse pool of over 150,000 verified participants for the perfect sample.
  • Effortless in-person studies: Conduct in-person studies with ease. Enjoy fast, hassle-free, and ethical recruitment, all managed online.
  • Fast results with full admin support: Leave the manual work to us. Prolific handles the vetting, managing, and paying of participants, letting you focus entirely on your research.

Discover how BYOP can take your research to the next level. Learn more here.

Tap into the knowledge of our 54,000+ domain experts

Discover insights from over 54,000+ domain experts across fields like STEM, law, medicine, and more. We’ve made it easy to find the perfect expert with over 300 filtering options, so you can customize your search to meet your specific research needs.

  • Fully verified: Our experts undergo bank-grade ID checks for genuine, bot-free responses. Additional skill verification is available upon request.
  • Expert data back in hours: Receive high-quality expert data within 2 hours. Quickly validate ideas, annotate datasets, and train models to accelerate your research.
  • Full ownership and confidentiality: Your work is protected with robust data privacy systems. Keep your task designs unique and secure in our cloud-contained environment, with no data retention by us.

Find out more about our expert participant pool here.