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Get high-quality human data to make your AI models more effective. Instantly connect with 200k+ participants and domain specialists. 

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Easily source samples of all sizes from our 200k+ active respondents. Get tasks completed honestly, accurately, and almost instantly – by human taskers who are well incentivized and fairly paid.

Verified and bot-free pools
All participants are verified with ID checks through Onfido so you know they are real and that no two respondents are the same.
Rich and reliable responses
Expect exceptionally detailed, accurate and honest ‘free-text’ responses from our engaged audiences.
Reduce bias using representative groups
Choose representative samples to distribute your survey across sex, age, and ethnicity - within either the US or UK.

Use your own tools

Prolific integrates seamlessly with your favourite, or custom-built, tools.

Easily find, train, and re-use high-performing taskers

Use our 300+ filters to create representative, custom, or niche demographic 
groups from our large, diverse pool. Or use studies to screen or train taskers – then re-target the highest performers as often as you like. 

Source and train samples
Quickly filter top-performing AI teachers with stronger language comprehension and fluency or specific knowledge or skills.
Set rules with filter-sets
Save specific sets of tasker filters that reflect the needs of your organisation or project. Then easily apply them again and again to new studies.
Save high-performing participant groups
Put your high-performing or especially trained participants into groups and re-target these across different tasks and teams.

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It’s fast and free to set up an account. Explore our participants and view  our transparent, response-based costs before committing to anything.

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I'd recommend Prolific to anyone looking to quickly gather high-quality data, especially if they need to recruit specific kinds of participants. I honestly don't think my research would have been possible without Prolific.

Researcher, Google

Other companies quoted up to 1 month to receive results. Prolific’s data collection was completed in 1 hour.

Gadi Mikles, CPO at BioEye

Scale fast and automate with our API

Integrate your own data collection and annotation tools, and automate repetitive manual tasks using our API. Programmatically accept and reject submissions, pay rewards or message participants, and set up automated updates for key events using Webhooks.

Prolific API
Prolific AI Success Stories

We’ve helped world-leading AI researchers and companies to…

LLM Training
Sector: Research & Development
Remove the biases from large language models.
AI Model Evaluation
Sector: Healthcare
Make sure mental health chatbots are safe and able to deal with a variety of situations.
Data Labelling
Sector: Creative/Productivity/R&D
Develop multi-modal generative AI tools, through a variety of data collection formats.
Generative Modelling
Sector: Healthcare
Detect health conditions through biomarkers such as speech and facial expressions

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