Product Updates

What's New: Unlock the power of larger rep samples, verified experts, and more 👀

Samara Zauhy
|May 15, 2024

Amplify your research and enrich the quality of your participant pool thanks to our latest updates to the Prolific platform. Now, you can run expansive representative sample studies that fill even faster, all while benefiting from a bot-free environment. Plus, we're introducing the option to recruit participants from a pool of verified domain experts, each proven to possess a wealth of skills - from coding to multilingual communication.

Expanded representative sample sizes

We're expanding our rep sample pool sizes, helping researchers focused on the UK and US political landscapes tap into brand new opportunities. We’ve doubled our pool size for:

  • UK Rep Samples
  • UK Political Rep Samples
  • US Political Rep Samples

This expansion means you can complete your studies quicker than ever before, ensuring your research stays timely and relevant.

Enhanced LLM-text detection verification

As part of our continued efforts to guarantee the authenticity of our human data, we've introduced an advanced detection system for texts generated by large language models (LLM). Before new participants join our pool, they now undergo a rigorous LLM check as part of our multi-step verification process. This addition to our verification and vetting processes underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest-quality human data for your research.

Coming soon: Verified domain expert participants

Access an enriched pool of research participants with verifiable skills - in coding, and writing and speaking multiple languages. With this update, we’re enhancing your ability to:

  • Target specific skills: Conduct studies demanding special qualifications or abilities.
  • Curate your ideal participant group: Easily organize and re-engage with specialists for future research endeavors.

Use our participant filters to discover the range of specialists that are already on the Prolific platform. And keep an eye out for more—there are further verified experts on their way!

At Prolific, we're dedicated to empowering researchers with tools and resources that foster collaboration, user empowerment, and innovative exploration. Join us in exploring these new possibilities and take your research further. Get started now.