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What's New: Flexible study settings, your favorite participants on tap, and more

George Denison
|May 1, 2024

It's now easier than ever to run studies how you want, with who you want. Check out new features that let you fill studies faster, find verified experts, and work with your favorites again and again.

Collect data 18% faster with multi-submission studies

You can now choose how many times the same participant can take each study. This makes it easy to:

  • Collect data with studies that have several varying tasks
  • Invite your favorite participants back to your task again and again to engage with new stimuli
  • Fill your studies! Multi-submission studies fill up ~18% faster than normal studies that have similar sample size and eligible pool

You’ll see the submission settings when you set up your next study, right below participant screening.

Conduct ethical studies with confidence using Content Warnings

You can now add clear warnings to your studies about sensitive or disturbing content. With this feature, participants know exactly what to expect before they take part.

This enables you to:

  • Reduce study returns by setting clear expectations up front.
  • Provide a transparent, positive, and inclusive experience.
  • Be confident in your ethics, knowing that participants are informed and protected.

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Easily re-engage your best participants with Participant Groups

Engage your favorite Prolific participants on tap by adding them to Participant Groups.

Know participants that deliver exceptional data quality? Or specialize in niche subjects? Save them to your group, then choose it when you set up your study. We'll distribute directly to participants in that group.

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