Prolific’s feeling brand new

Lily Haycraft Mee
|October 24, 2023

If you visit our website, you’ll notice a few key differences today — the colours, logo and more. That’s because we’re starting to roll out our new visual brand, which we’re excited to show you!

Prolific has been due a makeover. We’ve always prioritised improving features based on feedback, but as we’ve grown we want our mission and values to be reflected in the way we present ourselves.

Prolific's mission statement: Prolific is revolutionising how the world learns about people, so people can revolutionise the world.
Prolific's mission statement

Everything we do at Prolific is about creating a brighter future

Before Prolific started in 2014, most research was done offline. And it slowed down so many brilliant discoveries. Recruiting participants took time, and meant research could take months or years longer than it does today.

Now, research is increasingly moving online. Knowing you can find participants and collect results the same day makes it hard to go back to months of desperate recruitment tactics. This new-found speed is helping researchers publish more and become more prolific. To date, over half a million studies have been run on Prolific.

We are so proud that we’re helping researchers achieve this. Not only with academic research, but in AI and industry research too. AI is poised to change the world in incredible ways, saving years of human labour and speeding up discoveries like new antibiotics. We’re thrilled to be helping researchers create and train new AI models that can have transformative positive effects.

We're all working towards a brighter future. And our new logo, more vibrant colours, and warm photography are a tribute to this.

Over half a million studies have been run on Prolific as of July 2023
As of July 2023

Celebrating the heroes who took part in this journey

We also wanted our new brand to highlight the heroes at the heart of our product — our participants. Prolific’s not just about the flexibility and power of the technology, but the amazing people from all walks of life who are contributing to research.

We're so appreciative of all the attention and effort our participants put into studies, and researchers constantly sing their praises. It's thanks to this love and effort that we can deliver such amazing data quality compared to other major providers.

To celebrate our participant community, we’ve brought their diversity and unique personalities to the fore with our new photography. And we’ve aimed to show our commitment to ethical methods and exceptional quality through our new colours and more accessible font, too.

Prolific's new logo, font and photography
Prolific's new logo, font and photography

To honour this change, we’re running two competitions from now until Sunday 9th July at midnight BST!

Participant competition

Win one of our 5 prizes by quoting this tweet and sharing the best study you’ve taken on Prolific and why it was your favourite.

5 lucky winners will win a voucher, plus a first-of-its-kind Prolific sweatshirt and water bottle  🙌

  • 1st prize: £200 voucher (and you get to choose our next Prolific mug theme! ☕️)
  • 2nd prize: £100 voucher
  • 3rd prize: £50 voucher
  • 4th prize: £30 voucher
  • 5th prize: £20 voucher

Ts&Cs apply.

Prolific branded water bottle and sweatshirt
Win a Prolific branded water bottle and sweatshirt

Researcher competition

Win one of our 5 prizes by quoting this tweet and sharing your favourite findings from a study you ran on Prolific.

5 lucky winners will win Prolific credit and a branded water bottle  🙌

  • 1st prize: £500 credit
  • 2nd prize: £100 credit
  • 3rd prize: £50 credit
  • 4th prize: £50 credit
  • 5th prize: £50 credit

Ts&Cs apply.

Good luck in the draw, and thank you for joining us on our mission to transform tomorrow. Together, we’ll shape a brighter future. 💙

Prolific Team