Introducing our new Prolific Principles

Phelim Bradley
|May 23, 2024

Building an intentional culture has always been part of who we are at Prolific. After reflecting on our growth since closing our Series A funding round in June 2023, we saw an opportunity to evaluate and rebuild our company principles.

With our new principles, we aimed to articulate what makes Prolific, Prolific. We wanted to craft something that not only resonates with our team, but is woven into the fabric of our daily actions.

The Prolific principles are something we live and breathe, and they shape every aspect of how we work together, and with our customers. By embodying these characteristics, we aim to inspire our teams and empower our community of researchers and participants. This will pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries powered by quality human data.

Together, we can make a difference, fostering a world where reliable, diverse data is at the heart of every groundbreaking change.

Introducing, our new Prolific principles!

We win together 🏆

Every contribution from our Prolificos, partners, and community is valued. When one of us wins, we all win! Our integrity, transparency, and respect creates an environment where trust flourishes, helping us work together without ego, and with a positive sum mentality.

We care deeply about our customers 🥰

Our mission needs our customers, and our customers’ missions need Prolific. We’re committed to putting customer satisfaction above all else, ensuring they always feel valued and supported, and delighting them with market-leading solutions that exceed their expectations.

We make every minute count ⏰

Time is precious, so we don’t waste it. We turn vision into action, seizing opportunities to support world-changing research. Fueled by our sense of urgency and ownership, we prioritize the right actions for driving impact and advancing our mission.

We’re optimistic and find a way 💡

We tackle challenges head on, learning by taking action. No obstacle is insurmountable, and our optimism fuels creativity and resilience, driving us to make change happen. We persistently pursue our vision for a brighter future powered by world-changing research.

We embrace change 🔀

The only constant is change - and we embrace it. We work in a dynamic industry, and reflect that by being flexible, adaptable, and open to new ideas. We foster a culture where we're always learning and improving, so we're better equipped to address complex challenges.

We aim high 🚀

Excellence is our standard. We always challenge ourselves to innovate and improve, so Prolific has as much impact as possible. Aiming high means striving to build something great, ensuring we create extraordinary value in everything we do.

Unlike other businesses, Prolific chooses to talk about principles rather than values. Why? Because we see principles as a guiding light - something that helps shape our decision-making and keep our actions aligned to our culture.

Rebuilding our principles involved collaboration and introspection - as well as looking outwards. We dug deep, leading to a set of principles that not only reflect who we are today, but who we aspire to be tomorrow.

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