Prolific is closing for an extended Easter break

Wahida Samie
|April 7, 2022

We’re giving our Prolificos an extended Easter break. The whole company will be out of office from 6pm GMT Wednesday 13th April, and will return to work at 9am GMT Wednesday 20th April.

Why are we doing this?

It's safe to say we’re living through difficult times. We’ve entered the third year of an ongoing pandemic, and it’s hard to look away from the endless news cycle of conflict, global warming, and other things to be glum about. Beyond that, it’s been a tough and challenging quarter for our people, who have all worked incredibly hard through hard macro and personal circumstances.

Burnout is not a trivial thing. It’s a bit like un-toasting toast: once you’re burnt, you’re burnt. This is the absolute last thing we’d want our Prolificos to experience. A week off is not the solution to all of life’s ills, but it is the beginning of a series of culture and wellness initiatives to build a Prolific that’s as happy and harmonious as it can be.

The first quarter of 2022 has been full of lessons. It’s been the first opportunity for us to apply our new Prolific Principles, see what works, what doesn’t, and how we can properly define them. It’s also been a quarter where we witnessed what happens when we make mistakes with our culture, and the impact it can have on everyone’s well-being and satisfaction at work.

It’s all a learning process. We’re grateful for a truly amazing team of people who trust us enough to tell us what’s what. Their feedback has and always will shape the Prolific we’re building.

Right, onto the logistics.

Does this apply to every employee at Prolific?

Yes, all Prolificos will have this as extra time off. If they’ve had holiday booked over this period it’ll be ‘refunded’ back into their allowance. Part-time employees will also get the equivalent of two working days extra off during this period, and contractors will be paid for these days as if they are working as usual.

I am a Prolific researcher/participant. Can I still get in touch with Prolific over this time period?

Our amazing Support team will be working really hard before this time period to answer any outstanding customer queries. During the week of the 13th of April to the 20th of April, we will be on-call and contactable for emergencies through the usual channels:

Submit a request either to our Researcher Help Centre or Participant Help Centre.

It is just worth bearing in mind we might be a little slower to get back to you than usual.

When will Prolific be closed for the Easter break?

Prolific will close from the end of the day on Wednesday 13th April at 6pm GMT and re-open on Wednesday 20th April at 9am GMT. Expect not to get email responses from our Prolificos during this time, and out-of-office automated replies instead!

Will this happen every year?

We are doing this as a one-off for now, but we are open to making it a regular thing! No firm decisions yet.

As a final note from us, we’d like to say that we are hiring for a bunch of exciting roles in our team. Join us and you’ll be part of a team building a remote working culture that truly works for everyone. Take a look at our current Prolific vacancies here.

We'll be back before you know it, folks! Have an excellent April ahead.