New whitepaper: Discover how to take the guesswork out of your next product launch

George Denison
|January 22, 2024

Building new features and products is hard and expensive. And the reality of product development is that not all feature and product launches succeed.

But there is a fast and easy way to de-risk your launches - before you’ve written a single line of code.

Our new whitepaper, written in collaboration with Irrational Labs, explores how quantitative UX research lets you test ideas on thousands of users before launch. With this method, you can glean critical insights for pretty much any kind of marketing or product research.

Taking the guesswork out of product launches

The traditional approaches to de-risking launches have been market studies and qualitative research. But it’s hard to build a product based on customer responses. What they say can often be very different to what they actually do.

Quantitative UX research gets you closer to the truth. It tells you what people really want, not what they say they want - with data based on rigorous behavioural science.

What you’ll discover

Our whitepaper looks at how you can benefit from this methodology, with best practices and real-world examples.

It includes:

  • How quantitative UX research de-risks product launches.
  • 4 critical questions you can answer using this method.
  • 5 most important factors to consider when running quantitative UX research.
  • 2 case studies that show quantitative UX research in action.

Quantitative research allows product developers to see which features will resonate before a product is even built. And any organisation can run it - including yours.

Find out more about the methodology by downloading the whitepaper today.