We've increased the minimum participant reward

Lily Haycraft Mee
|April 21, 2022

We care a lot about looking after our participants at Prolific. We do this both out of respect for ethical research standards, and to make sure we appreciate people for their time and effort.

It’s also part of the cycle of research. If participants feel engaged, they will give thoughtful and honest study responses. Excellent responses mean researchers get the best data quality available.

Everyone has felt the squeeze after the recent rise in cost of living, too. We also haven’t changed the minimum reward since 2014, so it’s been long overdue. While Prolific doesn’t intend to be a main source of income for participants, we do want people to feel rewarded for contributing to world-changing research.

That’s why we’ve increased the minimum amount researchers can pay participants from £5/$6.50 to £6/$8 an hour.

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