Five reasons to trust Prolific participants with your AI training tasks

George Denison
|October 24, 2023

As an AI researcher, you know that despite some big advances in AI and machine learning, algorithms still need people to ensure the output is accurate and fair.

In fact, human input isn’t just a requirement, but a way of making your models the best they can be.

But how do you find engaged and reliable participants to take on your AI training tasks? And how can you guarantee they’ll provide you with responses of high enough quality to become the backbone of your algorithms?

The answer: by partnering with Prolific.

We provide researchers like you with vetted participants who are trained and ready to help you with these tasks.

Here are five reasons our participants stand head and shoulders above the competition – and how you can drive your models forward with their support.

1. They’re engaged

The carefully curated Prolific community is known for its exceptional engagement with all kinds of research. But AI work is a favorite of many.

Our participants genuinely love doing these studies. They’re keen to give their honest, detailed input to your AI training tasks.

What’s more, our platform is designed with the user experience in mind, fostering a sense of belonging and trust among participants.

“You have the flexibility to work at your own pace, interact with researchers hosting studies, and provide feedback or ask questions when needed. The sense of community is noticeable.”

- Prolific participant

In a Reddit post on our subreddit, users have been talking about how to keep participants interested and engaged in research studies. A key theme that emerges from the conversation is the importance of clear and concise instructions.

Study participants appreciate straightforward guidelines. It gives them a clear understanding of what the task is and what they need to do.

Our AI hub offers exactly this, in the form of an easy-to-use interface, timely notifications, and personalized task recommendations. So, not only do our participants enjoy a smooth and satisfying experience, but they stay interested and motivated, too.

2. They’re diverse

Our participant pool is full of varied and interesting people, guaranteeing a wide range of demographics and perspectives that can provide valuable insights for your research.

When trained by participants from different backgrounds, your AI models can benefit from a rich and balanced dataset. They’ll perform better and be less susceptible to bias.

3. They’re treated fairly and ethically

Speaking of bias – human input is necessary for addressing issues related to discrimination and ethics in AI models. By involving humans in the training process, you can find and minimize biases and other ethical concerns more effectively.

But what good is it using people to teach AI the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, without treating the individuals themselves with the utmost fairness and respect?

This is not only the right (and logical) thing to do, but it also results in more reliable data.

“Compared to other survey sites I've encountered, Prolific displays a superior level of respect towards its participants. You can sense that they are actively listening to you, and their support responses are genuine.”

- Prolific participant

Another key thing that came up in the Reddit post mentioned earlier is fair pay. Users emphasize that providing appropriate payment for the time and effort involved in completing tasks is crucial for maintaining motivation and interest.

We ensure pay is transparent and reasonable. This creates a win-win relationship between researchers and people taking part in tasks. It’s fair reward for fantastic data quality.

This approach has been shown to produce more consistent and accurate results, leading to better AI training and overall performance.

It also generates trust between participants and researchers, resulting in a positive feedback loop where both parties are driven to contribute their best efforts.

4. They understand their crucial role

The potential for what people and AI can achieve together is inspiring. It can make us more efficient, help us make better decisions, and lead to the creation of innovative products and services.

Prolific participants know this. They can see how significant their contributions to AI research are. They appreciate the impact their input has on the development of cutting-edge technology. And they take their role extremely seriously.

“By taking part in these studies, you have a chance to contribute to the development of new knowledge and potentially influence decision-making processes.”

- Prolific participant

This sense of ownership and responsibility, paired with participants’ excitement and enthusiasm towards AI studies, means they’re truly invested – and give richer and more accurate answers as a result.

5. They’re satisfied

At Prolific, we're always striving to improve the participant experience. We regularly engage with and collect feedback from our community, so we can keep making our platform better and refine our approach. This means participant satisfaction remains at its peak.

“I love that these studies are always different, even if you’re doing the same task multiple times. Sometimes, I forget I’m working while doing these tasks.”

- Prolific participant

Participants are happy at Prolific, which means you get their best efforts for your tasks.

Find the perfect participants for AI training

At Prolific, we take pride in our community of engaged, enthusiastic, and ethically treated participants – and would love to connect you so they can take part in exciting studies, and you can meet all your AI training needs.

Because by using Prolific, you're not just tapping into a participant pool. You're accessing a vibrant group of dedicated people who genuinely care about the impact of their contributions.

Visit our dedicated AI page and send a message to find out more. Together, we can harness the power of our exceptional participants to drive innovation and success in your AI projects.