Beyond the numbers: Unpacking UK political sentiment through qualitative polling

Andrew Gordon
|July 3, 2024

What’s inside?

As a snap general election nears in the UK, the need for nuanced insights into voter sentiment has never been more pressing. Our latest whitepaper reveals why traditional polling data falls short - and how qualitative insights capture the true voices behind the numbers.

Discover how Prolific’s pool of 200k+ participants and Voiceform’s AI technology redefined qualitative polling. This study looks at political perceptions from a representative sample of 500 UK respondents.

Learn how the UK feels about:

  • The current Conservative Party leadership under Rishi Sunak.
  • Keir Starmer’s opposition Labour Party and its changing direction.
  • Which policies and themes register as most critical for voters.
  • What it could take to sway voting intentions at this stage.

Download the whitepaper here