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What does Prolific do?

Our platform gives global research organizations access to a pool of 150,000+ carefully recruited and verified participants – people like you! As one of our participants you can contribute to well-paid academic studies, answer industry surveys and perform tasks that will help inform vital research, drive technology development, or help train AIs.

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Why become a participant with Prolific?

We look after our participants

Get fair payment – fast

All participants receive a guaranteed minimum of $8 or £6 an hour, with instant cash-outs after your first 4 payments. Some studies even pay hourly rates of $20+ with additional bonuses.

How it works


Sign up

We are always looking for new participants. All we need is some simple demographic information when you apply.

Join our waitlist

All new applicants go on our waitlist. This is to ensure that everyone who joins gets a chance to take part in studies and that our pool remains diverse and representative. 

Receive your invite

Once we have space for you you’ll receive an invite to join the platform.

Complete verification

Once you've joined you'll take part in a 15-minute, 3-step verification process. In it you will: verify your phone number; take part in a short practice study; and upload a document to prove your identity.

Take part in studies

Once you’re ready, you can view new studies as they appear on our site and apply to take part directly. You will never be automatically screened out of a study. 

Interact with other participants and Prolific employees

Speak with like-minded participants, get advice from your peers, and interact with our employees and support team on our subreddit.

Need help or have more questions?

We offer complete step-by-step guidance and FAQs in our Help Center. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, our support team is on hand from 9-5pm (UK time) Monday to Friday.

Help centre

We welcome global data citizens

Participants from 38+ countries who speak 80+ languages.

What our participants are saying

Great to work for - many high quality studies, with very few instances of being screened out. Prolific pays quickly and responds quickly to any support requests. My go-to for earning spare cash.

Prolific Participant

Excellent study platform with no time-outs. Filters make it easy to choose which studies you want to do. Thought provoking and fun! Really feel like I am contributing and making a difference!

Prolific Participant

Trustworthy, professional company. I received my first payout and the work is interesting!

Prolific Participant

I love Prolific. The studies are so interesting and I love that the participants' ideas and answers are used for serious research in most cases.

Prolific Participant

I've been completing tasks for a couple of years and it's interesting and rewarding. Unlike survey sites, you don't get screened out because you decide upfront if a study is suitable.

Prolific Participant

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