DNC Loses RICO lawsuit against Russian Federation and Roger Stone.

"Hours before the Democratic presidential debates, a federal judge dismissed the Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit

that accused the Trump campaign, the Russian Federation, WikiLeaks and others of interfering in the 2016 elections."

(August 2019)


A Crime Committed on Social Media; Facebook misdemeanor.

Buschel Gibbons, P.A. lawyers win victor for Miami Police Officer accused of assault

(April 2019)


Buschel Gibbons, P.A. is pleased to annouce that it has become general counsel to the Sunrise General Employees Union

in Sunrise, Florida. (September 2018).


Buschel Gibbons lawyers win Federal lawsuit in D.C. against Roger Stone and Trump Campaign Dismissed.


Fort Lauderdale attorney Robert Buschel of Buschel Gibbons, P.A. cinched a victory in a federal lawsuit

against their client, Roger J. Stone, a longtime confidant of President Donald Trump.


Buschel Gibbons, P.A. sues North Bay Villiage


"Chief Noriega is an honest, dedicated and ethical law enforcement officer and public servant for over 35 years,"

attorney Eugene Gibbons said in a statement after filing the suit, "and we are fully committed to seeking justice

on his behalf. The repugnant, devious and unlawful motivations and actions of the Village leaders involved in this

case will be fully exposed and there will be no doubt Noriega's termination was in violation of the law."



Buschel Gibbons, P.A. wins criminal trial with science.


"They thought they had Oldy Ochoa's sperm cells mixed

with the DNA of (the teen), and it wasn't," attorney Robert Buschel said.

"It was Oldy Ochoa's skin cells. Your DNA is on my table, and mine is 

on this table right now, and that doesn't mean anything more than you

and I are sitting at this table, and they misinterpreted that and that's what  

led to the arrest."


Eugene Gibbons, Esq. of BuschelGibbons, P.A. in the Washington Post

"For Gibbons, an affable, barrel-chested man, the path to becoming an advocate for embattled police officers began when he

was a teen growing up outside Philadelphia in the early 1980s."

Buschel's Political Thriller a Must Readl

By Silent Majority

Buschel's political thriller By Silent Majority, about presidential scandal has local links

August 30, 2016.


“There was no misconduct on the part of officer Goyos,” said Eugene Gibbons, Goyos’s attorney,

who has defended many police officers accused of wrongdoing. “He was simply doing his job to the

best of his ability that evening.” Washinton Post.

August 3, 2017 

Listen to Podcast interview of Robert Buschel about Supreme Court of Florida Case D'Agastino v. City of Miami by Wil Aitchison.

July 24, 2017

Roger Stone's team includes Robert Buschel, who worked with the ACLU to defend Rush Limbaugh's

medical privacy rights.

June 8, 2017.

Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone has also complied with the committee’s requests and answered

its questions, according to Stone’s attorney, Robert Buschel.

Buschel Gibbons Gets Trooper's case against Miami Officers Dismissed. (Driver's Privacy Protection Act, DPPA)

Buschel Gibbons called in to Represent Political Operative Roger Stone in Congressional Inquiry

March 24, 2017

Stone, a former business partner of Manafort, wants to appear before the House Intelligence pane

 “to redress the false and misleading way he has been portrayed” by some of its members,

Robert Buschel, a lawyer for Stone, said in the letter to Nunes on Friday.


Roger Stone


Buschel Gibbons Defends Union President Served with Ex Parte Restraining Order.

March 24, 2017


Trooper who sued Miami officers for privacy violations case dismissed by appellate court.

Read Federal Court opinion here: 


February 8, 2017

Buschel presents oral argument in Florida Supreme Court challenging Miami's Civilian Investigative Panel.

(Learn more here)

February 7, 2017


Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals vacates and remands sentencing

for Buschel Gibbons, P.A.


April, 2016 (click here)


Rothstein Associates Obtain Relief from Restitution

March 22, 2016

"It's a substantial burden that has been lifted from their shoulders and they are relieved," said Buschel.


Eugene Gibbons to Defend Boca Raton Officer

June 19, 2015

Eugene Gibbons says his client was doing his job with the right intentions.

He thought the suspect was reaching for gun and had to make a split second

decision on how to react.


Years after case, Jennifer Bush says she wasn't a victim of Munchausen

April 15, 2015.

"It's nice to see the government didn't succeed in destroying this family," Buschel said.

"It's just good to see that Jennifer took her ordeal — of being separated from her family — and she really turned it around so that now she's helping other kids and parents."

Buschel & Gibbons wins sentencing appeal at the Florida Supreme Court.

We conclude that the circuit court erred in denying Plott’s rule 3.800(a) motion.

September 18, 2014

Broward man formally cleared of leaving scene of I-595 fatal


Buschel, the trial lawyer, embraced McGowan and his family outside the courtroom.
"This is a happy ending to a long, painful and brutal story," he said.

Fired Miami Beach cop gets job back

July 31, 2014

Eugene Gibbons, a lawyer for the Miami Beach police union, said the arbitrator “rightfully concluded” in Casas’ favor.

“Detective Casas is looking forward to resuming his distinguished law-enforcement career with the Miami Beach Police Department in the homicide unit and putting this unfortunate situation behind him,” Gibbons said.



Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/07/31/4264753/fired-miami-beach-cop-gets-job.html#storylink=cpy

Eugene Gibbons of Buschel Gibbons, P.A. turns around harmful allegation against client

And updated story 

July 17, 2014

Other tests at the hospital revealed something else that was very wrong with Muley, his attorney Eugene Gibbons said.

Gibbons said his client is scheduled for surgery Thursday morning and has been dealing with medical issues for about five years. 

“He has a long history of vomiting due to medical problems,” said Gibbons. “Whatever somebody else may interpret it to be, that’s fine, we’ll deal with it.

The facts are, he was transported by fire rescue, admitted to the emergency room and has been there ever since.

And he has major medical surgery scheduled for tomorrow.”


Appeals court clears Buschel Gibbons, P.A. client of 595 pedestrian death

May 28, 2014


Robert Buschel said the ruling was not just a technical legal victory for the defense: "This is the court saying, 'You never had a case.'"


Eugene Gibbons of Buschel Gibbons, P.A. declares Chief has no authority to ban guns at City Hall.

March 29, 2014


As for the rule extending to cops who are not on the clock, Gibbons said Orosa does not have the

authority to infringe on an officer’s rights to carry a concealed weapon, citing the federal

Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act. 

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/03/19/4004719/cop-union-challenges-ban-on-guns.html#storylink=cpy


Robert Buschel of Buschel Gibbons, P.A. argues in the Third District Court of Appeal

March 5, 2014 against the City of Miami Beach


(per curiam affirmed)


Robert Buschel Sues Opa-locka over Trash Collection Decision October 14, 2013


Progressive Waste Solutions of Florida has sued the city of Opa-locka and Ecological Paper Recycling,

claiming that the city should have disqualified Ecological during their selection process for allegedly

fabricating details in their application.


Progressive is being represented by the Fort Lauderdale law firm of Buschel & Gibbons.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/14/3689302/opa-locka-sued-over-trash-collection.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/14/3689302/opa-locka-sued-over-trash-collection.html#storylink=cpy


Eugene Gibbons Fighting for Officer's Job in Arbitration. September 4, 2013


"Eugene Gibbons, an attorney representing Lopez on behalf of the police union,

attacked the accuracy of the police investigation, alleging SunPass records used

to document his speed were not reliable. He also said the speedometer on Lopez's

police car might also have been faulty, giving him the false impression that he

was not going as fast as he was."




Buschel & Gibbons amicus appeal position prevails in 11th Circuit Court of Appeals February 26, 2013


State's drug testing law reviewed 


Arbitrator rules in Buschel & Gibbons' client's favor.  December 5, 2012


Eugene Gibbons, successfully argues to get police officer his job back, under extreme political pressure


Appellate Court reverses firearm conviction September 12, 2012


Successfully argued improper jury instruction was fundamental error.


Charges dropped against Sunrise officer accused of slashing tires at gas station March 19, 2012


Robert Buschel, succussfully negotiates dismissal of charges with prosecutors.



Union objects to city’s request for arbitration; Pay dispute debate continues March 12, 2011


"The allegations that the union presents in the charge are violations of state law", Gibbons explained. "The arbitration that the city is referring to relates to violations of the collective bargaining agreement between the two parties."





State Board to hear Cape Coral Police Complaint  February 16, 2011


"The city can't just drop the current wages of the employees and that's what they did,'' Gibbons said.




Gibbons blasts Cape Coral on Wage issue December 14, 2010


"They can't just go and start stealing money back from the employee," said Gene Gibbons, the union's attorney.



Election law Battle in City Commission Race  October 25, 2010 - Buschel


"Candidates Carl Lanke and Alex Casas filed the lawsuit in Broward County Circuit Court against Joseph Romero and are seeking to have his name removed from the ballot or the votes cast for him not count." - Sun Sentinel



Article for National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


"Just when you thought that as a criminal defense attorney you were only subject to indictment, fee forfeiture, and disqualification by the government, sanctions by major corporations in the form of a lawsuit has reared its head as a new devastating attack against the criminal defense lawyer." - Buschel



Gene Gibbons Represents Assistant Against City Manager - Gibbons


Olga Garcia and her attorney, Eugene Gibbons, enter a predetermination hearing Nov. 3. The next day she filed a sexual harassment complaint against City Manager David Brown who has since cleared out his office, 12 weeks ahead of schedule.


Buschel Defends Mother in Court


"The young woman 'wants to reunite with her mother' and her mother wants to reunite with her daughter" - Buschel



Union leaders Urged to Refund Fire Pension  - Gibbons


Florida officials are holding $1.1 million in state pension funds earmarked for the Coral Gables fire union because it says the city should not have collected pension contributions from firefighters for 16 months several years ago.



Article: Dueling doctors: An Argument for Specialized Medical Testimony


"Expert testimony is intended to validate and verify a litigant’s claim in both civil and criminal proceedings. However, experts often obfuscate rather than illuminate scientific issues for the jury." - Buschel


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