What is QuickShot?


QuickShot is an application that runs on your local computer to capture screen shots, allowing you to create a snapshot that draws the focus where you need it to be.


QuickShot makes it easy to quickly mark screenshots with arrows, pointers, text, and other highlighting tools.


QuickShot is FREE!


Currently QuickShot is only available for Windows.


Download most recent QuickShot (ver 1.0.7)

QuickShot doesn't require an installer, but we provide one to make it easier.  

You can download it to your desktop and run the program from there!




Use your email and password.





Click this button and QuickShot will minimize itself and grab everything on the screen.


Windows Shortcuts


Functions Shortcut


Grab entire screen

(For multiple monitors)

 Prt Sc          

Print Screen
(select current window)


 Alt +   Prt Sc 




Once you capture a screenshot, click a mark up to add it to the image.




Places a rectangle with an arrow to point to something, as well as place a message.



Places an arrow to direct attention to something.




Creates a rectangular outline to direct attention to something.



Creates an elliptical outline to direct attention to something.


Blurs a region to protect sensitive information.






Click on a mark up to tweak or edit it.




Erase all mark ups.
(To erase a single mark up, click it, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.)



Change the default color of boxes, ellipses, and text.




Change the style of a text box, box, or ellipse.




All done



Upload the current QuickShot image, which may include the layer with your own mark ups.


You will be able to select which project and which folder, as well as change the default name.



= END =